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We think wide.Success depends on much more than just the building.

At Carbon Property we're on a mission to lift New Zealand through smarter property and investment decisions.

We act as independent partners, providing value engineering and project development services to unlock and deliver full property potential.

Our aim is to deliver transformative results for each client and improve the industry as a whole.

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Why Carbon Property


We are invested in creating enduring relationships between all parties involved.


Our fee structure is based on value creation and performance.


We are fully independent and transparent about how the development process works.


We bring the best of what's happening globally and apply it to local situations.

At Carbon Property we help our clients and communities win.

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Whether you’re an investor, business owner or tenant, including sustainable initiatives in your project is not only better for the environment, it’s better for your bottom line.

We walk you through which initiatives make sense for your project, from a fiscal and future-proofing point of view. From smaller steps right through to an accredited rating, sustainability measures can help you to:

  • Gain access to alternative finance

  • Attract higher quality tenants and future buyers

  • Increase the longevity and useability of your asset

  • Minimise long-term maintenance and expenditure costs

  • Strengthen your reputation as a progressive investor / landlord / business

  • Provide a better workplace for staff wellbeing and encourage retention

Whatever your project and appetite, we help you understand what options are available and the advantages, costs and long-term benefits of each.

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Carbon Property is led by Director Ben Lagan.

Ben has had over 10 years of industry experience specialising in property development for the industrial & commercial markets. He has worked as an executive leader across all levels of manufacturing, construction and property for one of the country’s largest family-owned businesses.

Having sourced, secured and delivered over $500m worth of industrial & commercial projects, he has a proven track record spanning all areas of New Zealand. Ben’s background includes completing property projects for some of the country’s largest tenants, landlords and funds.

Ben’s experience helps to bring the important questions to the table, at the right time in the process. He aligns both outcomes and expectations right from the start, ensuring key decisions can be made and deliverables are achieved.

Ready to see property from a new perspective?

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