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Land registry

The Carbon Property land registry provides access to some of the country’s most sought after industrial and commercial locations. It’s a unique innovation that brings the landowner’s objectives and expectations forward, resulting in a more focused and efficient approach to the positioning of opportunities.

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Focus your sights on the right opportunities and increase your chances of securing an occupier that suits your objectives. With Carbon Property as your development partner, you’ll use sales and project resources when, and only when, you need them.


Access a diverse range of sites and choose from multiple locations. Your requirements are unique and so is each site, so you can find the option that unlocks your greatest business potential.

Real Estate Agents

We work in with the agency market to ensure we maximise your clients’ exposure to market opportunities with the added benefit of being a trusted partner throughout the entire process.


Buy land to get ahead of the game and compete for the best assets at the start of the procurement process. Maintain control over the entire process and share in the benefits long the way.

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