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Our specialty:industrial and commercial property development.

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We offer a wide range of services
Greenfield development
Brownfield redevelopment
Tenant services
General property advice

Greenfield development

Carbon Property services span beyond each phase of the project to create value for all partners. Our greenfield development model unlocks the potential of property by linking our Land Registry to our Project Services.

We amplify property development benefits by using our experience and knowledge of what works on each individual site, then realise it through diligent execution. We remain the single point of contact throughout the entire development lifecycle, taking ownership from concept to completion.

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Brownfield redevelopment

Giving an existing facility a second life is not only strategic thinking for your business, it can also unlock future business opportunities. Finding a location that supports your staff, suppliers and importantly, your customers, requires the property outcome to be woven into your business decision-making right from the start.

We can assist with the acquisition strategy, investment assessment, coordination of upgrades and alterations, consenting and compliance, engineering assessment, engagement of designers and builders or even capital solutions.

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Tenant services

If you’re looking for a seamless approach to sourcing your next premises, then Carbon Property has the right expertise and connections to assist. We offer years of experience in putting together successful industrial and commercial developments, and can offer knowledge pooled from a range of different industries.

We are a property resource that allows your operational team to remain focused on their core business while ensuring the best property outcome is achieved. Talk to us about our bespoke project specification documents, tailored to suit logistics and freight facilities, temperature-controlled stores, manufacturing and food processing facilities, dry warehousing and offices.

We are committed to ensuring your business success by offering tenant-side project services from concept to completion.

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General property advice

The link between business and property is an important one. We can help balance these two important considerations and explore the avenue that best suits you and your business.

It may be a sale and lease back option to release capital back into the business, the purchase of a premises as part of your family’s long-term succession plan, or that you’re a tenant looking to extract the most efficient property solution for your business. First, we talk your options through. Then, with the expertise to turn the conversation into action, we make it happen.

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At Carbon Property, we treat every project as a partnership.

Land owners

Are you looking to develop existing land into a valuable long-term asset, or wanting to acquire land and need help making a strategic decision? We add value by helping you secure the right site, then position your asset in line with your long-term investment goals.


A finger on the pulse of the property market, combined with in-depth property development knowledge, enables us to maximise investors’ return on asset. We provide a concept-to-completion approach, starting with a conversation about long-term goals, creating a detailed plan and delivering to completion.

Owners occupiers

Building for your own business can be a difficult task. Whether you’re re-planning an existing layout or designing from scratch, we ensure your operational business needs are met while positioning your premises into a long-term asset.


We act as your inside property expert as you navigate your way into new premises. We help refine your property needs around your operations to enable the most efficient business solution to be achieved. Carbon Property can take the reins for a specific project or offer more general assistance in developing and executing a long-term property strategy.

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